Hey all, I’m Thekla, and I make custom fitted binders.

What does this mean? It means that I make binders specifically tailored to fit you, and only you - no matter what size, shape, or whatever. If you give me the required measurements, I can make a binder designed just for you.

The binders…

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Hello erryone

As of right now I’m still roughly $900 out of being able to afford top surgery.

Employment for this summer is kind of uncertain, and even if I do get a job, it likely won’t pay very much. I’m hoping to get surgery at least by this winter, as binding is beginning to cause me a lot…

Anonymous asked:

I'm wanting to transition, but my funds are low, and my family is not financially supportive of my transitioning. One of my friends suggested starting a gofundme page to help with my transition. What are you guys' ideas to raise money for transitioning? Thanks brothers!!!

Have you got insurance? When I started testosterone I didn’t have insurance and I get my prescription through Costco which gives me a 5 month supply for 65 dollars, which is only about a little over 10 dollars a month which is not too hard to save if you pick up a dollar here and there. But if you don’t have the money at all you could definitely start a gofundme if you feel comfortable with that! You could even start an etsy store and stuff like that
Good luck!

Anonymous asked:

What are some of the effects of T that not a lot of people talk about right away!? Like what happens in the "vagina" area or periods?! All of that !!?

Menstration will stop! It happens at different points for everyone. I had mine before my first shot and once I started t it never came back! I know people who have gone like 7 months on t before it going away - it’s really just a case by case basis.
As for downstairs there’s just a little but of growth in the clitoral region and the growth is different for everyone
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Hormones: A Guide for FTMs


The purpose of this booklet is to:

• explain how hormones work

• describe the changes to expect from testosterone

• outline possible risks and side effects of testosterone

• give you information about how to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks

I found this booklet helpful to read through before I started T to anticipate changes, prepare to recognize side effects, and consider how my diabetes might be affected as I start HRT. A very good resource! Here’s a link for trans feminine folks from the same source.